School of the Future

School of the Future


The smart boards and e-books deliver visually engaging and interactive lessons. We use a variety of tools, images and activities to bring lessons to life in our contemporary fully immersive classrooms.

Constant interaction and collaboration in a digital age classroom empower students to achieve top performance. By learning through inquiry and experience, students in classrooms and virtual learning environments across the globe grow in their understanding of the world around them, and we at Xanthakis School of Foreign Languages take the same approach.


ActiVote makes instant assessment of comprehension and increasing student engagement easy with its simple six button, A-to-F interface.

ActiVote encourages students to engage, interact with and contribute to lessons, resulting in stimulating discussions and lively, insightful debates. With ActiVote, the entire class can respond and answers are instantly viewed, shared and discussed. Teachers can view assessment results in a wide range of intuitive formats, such as graphs, pie charts and Excel spreadsheets.

Interactive Tables

The ActivTable is a multi-user, multi-touch interactive table designed to promote student collaboration, engagement and student-led learning.

The ActivTable’s intuitive touch interface allows up to six students to simultaneously access a wealth of ready-to-use educational activities, tools and resources.

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