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Lego Stories
Lego Stories

Lego Stories Classes in Heraklion

The idea behind Lego stories came from the need to help our children do something they rarely do in educational settings; express their ideas, unfold their imagination and create content in such a way that they will not only develop social skills but also boost confidence in themselves and their abilities.

We daily observe students who are reserved, who have difficulty expressing themselves, whose thought often lacks coherence. We observe students that think twice before raising their hand, communicate an idea, and have a hard time cooperating with their fellow students. The educational process, however, rarely allows time for dealing with essential things like the aforementioned. Throughout the school year we have to cover the material effectively, revise, consolidate, use skills and assess the use of those skills. What is necessary leaves no room for what is important.

This year we have decided to give our students the time they need, and devote half an hour every week in our Junior, Senior A, Senior B and Senior C classes for our Lego Stories. We want something that has continuity and is a regular activity and that is the reason we have incorporated it in their weekly schedule. Our magic wand is Lego Storystarter. Through building blocks along with the amazing software it offers, we can make our stories come alive. Let us see an example of how this works.

We start by picking a story or a favourite tale. It may be an existing one like Frozen, or the Three Little Pigs, or one that we will create together. The story though, even if it is an existing one does not confine us to a certain step by step plot since we decide its development in every stage. Children are divided in teams and every team creates the first part of the story.


Our schools and the Lego Stories program are awarded with
ELT Excellence Award for 2022!

Our goal is to offer your children the most modern approach, so we never stop looking for innovative ideas!

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