Senior Classes A – E

Senior Classes A – E
Senior Classes A – E

Laying the foundations!

The grades from A to E are the grades in which we lay the foundations for success at the forthcoming diplomas. Starting from A Class our students approach the language as a living breathing entity, and practice listening and speaking as much as possible so that they really acquire a communication tool and a substantial professional qualification. With rich audiovisual material we help our children reach their goals!

We also assign great importance in all these classes to teaching composition and writing! We spend a lot of time on it and children love it when they understand that it is about expression, just like music or dance. Some students even get to create their own books! They are excited about the idea! What would the title of their book be, what would they write on the back cover to draw the reader? What first sentence should they write so as to entice the reader to go on?  What would their character in the book be? Many times of course, since we are talking about new and enthusiastic minds, they teach us instead of us teaching them!

Also in these classes students come in contact with teachers who have English as their mother tongue, something that helps them to learn not only the correct pronunciation but also to overcome the fear of communicating with someone from a foreign country, helping them achieve invaluable linguistic skills. We want students who are excellent users of the language!


Our schools and the Lego Stories program are awarded with
ELT Excellence Award for 2022!


Our goal is to offer your children the most modern approach, so we never stop looking for innovative ideas!

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