PTE Level 3

Pearson Test of English (PTE) General Exams

The PTE General is designed in such a way that makes it easier for people of different ages to learn English. The uniform structure of the examination and the smooth progression of knowledge makes it easier to move from one level to another. The familiarity students gain positively contributes to a better understanding of both the matter and the use of the English language.
The PTE General is composed of two parts: The written examinations, which assess the following skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and an oral test which assesses Speaking. The marking of the written exam takes place directly in Britain while the oral exam originally takes place in Greece and Cyprus by well-trained examiners and then the final inspection is carried out in the United Kingdom. In addition, in case of failure comments are provided to each student about his performance in order for them to improve.

The percentage of success in the exam is considered 50% up to level 4, while 60% is what is required for the highest level, level 5. Depending on the percentage that each examinee achieves, at degree indicated and his performance, as shown below:

The PTE General is based on everyday scenarios so as to allow students to express themselves freely by showing how well they can use English in their communication. The topics are based on authentic and modern situations encountered by pupils in their everyday lives. For this reason, the tests are based on realistic situations rather than grammatical exercises. The revamped structure of the exam has been created in such a way as to make it shorter, but without affecting the quality of the pupil performance.

There is also the possibility of customization of the exam for the cases of persons with special needs .

International recognition

The PTE General is recognized internationally by educational institutions and public entities, including the ASEP and accepted at universities in Greece, in Cyprus and abroad for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The tests have been accredited by Edexcel, the largest certification body in Great Britain.

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